One & Only Campaign Toolkits

The One & Only Campaign offers evidence-based toolkits that focus on important aspects of injection safety. These toolkits can be accessed for free on the following links:


Healthcare Provider Toolkit

This toolkit will assist individuals and organizations with educating healthcare providers and patients about safe injection practices. The materials in this toolkit have broad application among healthcare providers of most specialty types and across all healthcare settings.


State/Local Health Department Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide health departments with background and information to implement the One & Only Campaign. The contents of this toolkit provide guidance for other health departments about lessons learned from their efforts.

Print Materials:

  • One & Only Campaign Posters
  • One & Only Campaign Provider & Patient Brochures
  • Injection Safety Guidelines Pocket Card
  • Injection Safety Frequently Asked Questions
  • Injection Safety Myths & Truths
  • Injection Safety Check List
  • Injection Safety Communication Documents

Multimedia Materials:

  • Injection Safety PowerPoint
  • Injection Safety Education Video
  • “How to do it right” Video
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training
  • Injection Safety Podcast
  • CDC Grand Rounds: The Impact of Unsafe Medical Injections in the U.S.
  • Medscape Commentaries
  • Epocrates EssentialPoints® Activity

Additional Resources:

  • Guidelines
  • Position Statements
  • Peer-Reviewed Published Articles


  • Impacts Related to Unsafe Injection Practices
  • Building a Working Group
  • Developing Partnerships
  • Media/Press Relations
  • What Works? And What Might Not?
  • Key Contacts/Resources