Healthcare Provider Toolkit Multimedia

Single-Dose and Multi-Dose Vial Infographic
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Safe Injection Practices Coalition (SIPC) urge all healthcare providers to know the difference between single-dose and multiple-dose vials. This dynamic infographic walks healthcare providers through the safe use of vials from various perspectives – providers, office managers, and patients – and concludes with a quick quiz to test your knowledge of medication vials.

Suggested use: This dynamic educational tool can be linked to your facility’s intranet site for all employees to access, aired during staff meetings, or incorporated into annual staff training programs.
Single-Dose and Multi-Dose Vial (Infographic)

Injection Safety PowerPoint
The Safe Injection Practices Coalition created a PowerPoint presentation, "Injection Safety: Every Providers Responsibility," to use as an educational tool. The presentation addresses the issue and scope of unsafe injection practices in the U.S. and how healthcare providers can eliminate the 100% preventable harm caused by unsafe injection practices. The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded from the One & Only Campaign's website (link provided). 

Suggested use: The presentation can be delivered to any audience, including healthcare facility staff meetings, medical education classes and seminars, and, malpractice/risk managers.
Injection Safety: Every Providers Responsibility (PowerPoint) (YouTube video) (Transcript)

Injection Safety Education Video
The Safe Injection Practices Coalition produced an educational video for healthcare providers in 2010. This video is designed to remind healthcare providers to consistently utilize basic, evidence-based, common sense precautions to protect patients and themselves. This 13-minute video can be viewed online at the One & Only Campaign's website and on the One & Only Campaign's YouTube channel (links provided). In addition, a free copy of the video on DVD can be ordered through the CDC-INFO's website (publication number provided). 

Suggested use: The video can be shared electronically or during staff meetings and retreats, staff in-service tool. 
Injection Safety video (One & Only Campaign website) (YouTube video)
Injection Safety DVD (publication #22-0087)

“How to do it right” Video
This animated video, produced by the Safe Injection Practices Coalition, provides an important reminder about the correct way to administer an injection from a single-dose vial. By following the story of a fictional character who receives both incorrect and correct care, viewers learn the correct way to administer an injection and use a single-dose vial. 

Suggested use: Broadcast the video during individual or group training/education.
“How to do it Right” Video (One & Only Campaign website) (YouTube video)

Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Wearing gloves and taking other infection control precautions aren’t just for your protection. The Safe Injection Practices Coalition created this training to remind healthcare providers that the measures they take to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens and other infection exposures, as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), also protect patients from healthcare associated infections. Injection safety and other basic infection prevention and control practices are central to patient and healthcare provider safety. 

Suggested Use: Use this advanced PowerPoint presentation to supplement or refresh your current OSHA training activities.
Bloodborne Pathogen Training Module (One & Only Campaign website) (YouTube video) (Transcript)

Injection Safety Podcast
Featuring the President of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Dr. Janice Izlar, this podcast contains important injection safety information for healthcare providers involved in preparing or administering injections. In her interview, Dr. Izlar notes that when she presents about injection safety at conferences or to private practices, the response is always the same – clinicians think they are following all guidelines but then realize they are missing steps.

Suggested Use: Clinicians can share this podcast with colleagues as a ‘refresher’ so we can keep every patient’s injection safe.
Podcast (One & Only Campaign website) (Transcript)

CDC Grand Rounds: The Impact of Unsafe Medical Injections in the U.S.
The Nov. 13, 2012 session of CDC Grand Rounds explored how unsafe injection practices impact U.S. clinicians and patients in outpatient and inpatient medical settings. Presenters included experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and New York State.

Suggested Use: View this 60-minute presentation at a staff meeting and email the link to your colleagues.
CDC Grand Rounds (One & Only Campaign website) (View Presentation)

Medscape CME
In an effort to educate healthcare providers about safe injection practices in healthcare settings, the Safe Injection Practices Coalition created a continuing medical education (CME) activity on this important issue. Hosted by Medscape, this CME activity covers information about known outbreaks due to unsafe injection practices and standard guidelines for safe medical injection practices. The CME activity is available through Medscape (link provided).

Suggested use: Require all healthcare personnel in your facility, or at least those who give injections, to pass this CME activity.
Safe Injection Practices Continuing Medical Education activity

Medscape Commentaries
Various topics in injection safety are explored in these brief expert commentary videos, hosted and produced by Medscape. The first outlines the myths and misperceptions that healthcare providers may have about safe injection practices. The most recent commentary focused on the safe use of insulin pens. 

Suggested use: Show the video clips at a staff meeting to spur discussion about various topics within safe injection practices. Email the links to your membership listserv.
CDC Medscape Commentary: Make Every Injection Safe
CDC Medscape Commentary: Don't Do It: Sharing Insulin Pens Jeopardizes Patients

Epocrates EssentialPoints® Activity
The EssentialPoints® smartphone activity “CDC: Injection Safety”, produced by Epocrates, features a short, engaging video about injection safety. Throughout the activity, healthcare professionals complete a series of questions to ingrain the safety protocols and ensure they are prepared to act on the information presented. 

Suggested use: Encourage all healthcare providers at your facility to complete the activity. 
Epocrates EssentialPoints® smartphone activity