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Check Your Steps! Make Every Injection Safe


Managing Patient Safety, One Injection at a Time


Safe Injection Practices Video – How to Do It Right


Safe Injection Practices: A Video for Healthcare Providers 

1. A Patient's Story
2. Inside the Pain Management Clinic
3. Inside the OR
4. Dispelling Injection Safety Myths

Safe Injection Practices: A Video for Healthcare Providers is designed to remind healthcare providers to consistently utilize basic, evidence-based, common sense precautions to protect patients and themselves.

The video opens with a personal story from Evelyn McKnight who contracted Hepatitis C virus when her healthcare providers did not adhere to safe injection practices. The viewer is then presented with three scenarios in three settings where medications are prepared and administered: an operating room, an oncology clinic, and a pain management clinic. The viewer is taken through potential errors that could occur in medication handling or injection preparation or administration. Each scenario ends with a summary of steps that can and should be taken to assure safe care. A fourth segment concludes the video by outlining and correcting myths and misperceptions that healthcare providers may have about safe injection practices.

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