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Patient Safety Awareness Week

Safety Awareness Week is March 10-16.  We’re all patients, and our healthcare and safety
matter. Healthcare providers can ensure patient safety by practicing frequent hand hygiene and injection safety: use a new needle and new syringe for each injection. Patients can take charge of their health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following the below recommendations:

Patient Safety Inforgraphic

Sign the Patient Safety pledge

Educational Activities

The NC SHARPPS program strives to provide infection prevention education and training to healthcare providers and the general public. Here are a few educational events for healthcare providers regarding infection control:

  • An Injection Safety webinar presented by Dr. Zack Moore, State Epidemiologist, has been archived and made available by Duke University Health System Department of Clinical Education and Professional Development. Continuing education is available for physicians.
  • CDC and Medscape are providing a six month series on infection control. The registration is free and continuing education is available.

Latest NC SHARPPS Newsletter Available

NC SHARPPS Newsletter

The latest NC SHARPPS newsletter is now available. This edition highlights a NC hospital success story targeting catheter associated urinary tract infections. Additionally, it features program updates, information on our antimicrobial stewardship initiative, data validation results and provides a brief overview of 2 new reportable conditions.

Drug Diversion Table Top Exercise

In 2017, the NC One & Only Campaign developed a table top exercise highlighting
drug diversion—the act of illegally obtaining or using prescription medications—in
healthcare settings. The table top exercise is adapted from one created by the
New Jersey Department of Health. The inaugural North Carolina drug diversion table top exercise
for acute care staff was held on February 15, 2017 at the Southern Atlantic Healthcare
Alliance’s (SAHA) Drug Diversion Education Program. In 2018, we adapted the tabletop for local health department personnel and held the exercise on May 21 at the 2018 NC Communicable Disease Conference.

Safe Injection Connection Training

The Safe Injection Connection training
was  scheduled for October 30, 2017, at the Cardinal Room (Division of
Public Health) in Raleigh. This free, half-day training is designed to
educate healthcare professionals and quality improvement staff on safe
injection practices and improve patient safety.

By becoming a Safe Injection Connection trainer, you will

  • Improve patient safety
  • Identify the best practices for injection safety
  • Commit to presenting on injection safety at least 2 times a year

Continuing education is available. There are no fees
for CE. View the accreditation statement. Registration is currently no longer available at nchai[at][dot]gov.

State Injection Safety Resources

Diabetes and Viral Hepatitis: Important Information on Safe Diabetes Care

Click here to view and download the new NC DPH publication "Diabetes and Viral Hepatitis: Important Information on Safe Diabetes Care."


Infection Control Report Blog

Information from NC SPICE and NC DPH about healthcare-associated infections, including injection safety, can be found at the Infection Control Report Blog.


New CDC Guidelines on Injection Safety within Dental Settings

Injection safety applies to various health settings, including dental care. The CDC recently provided recommendations to prevent infection and uphold injection safety within dental settings. It includes:

  • Infection prevention program administrative measures,
  • Infection prevention education and training,
  • Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette,
  • Updated safe injection practices, and
  • Administrative measures for instrument processing.

The guidelines can be accessed at


Stay Informed on Safe Injection Practice News and Events

The goal of the North Carolina One & Only Campaign is to attract individuals who want to
make a difference through injection safety. The campaign encourages healthcare
organizations and individuals to promote public awareness of safe
injection practices. Join the NC One & Only Campaign by emailing the NC Surveillance for Healthcare Associated and Resistant Pathogens Patient Safety (SHARPPS) Program at nchai[at][dot]gov, and share free One & Only Campaign training materials with your health facility.


2012 NC Communicable Disease Conference Poster

Click here to see the 2012 Communicable Disease Conference poster from the NC One & Only Campaign.