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NC SHARPPS Newsletter

NC SHARPPS Newsletter

The first edition of the NC SHARPPS Newsletter is now available. This edition features information about the SHARPPS Program and recent
activities, surveillance, and trainings we offer regarding healthcare
associated infections. Read what the SHARPPS Program has been up to here.

March 13-19 is Patient Safety Awareness Week-Take the One & Only Pledge!

Take the NC One & Only Campaign Injection Safety "Provider Pledge"

1.  Download and print the pledge.

2.  Take a photo of yourself or a group of healthcare professionals
holding/displaying the sign. You can include your healthcare facility in the photo.

3.  Email the photo to: kristin.pridgen[at][dot]gov. It might be featured on the NC One & Only Campaign webpage. (Note: By sending it to us, you give us your permission to
use it on our web page or social media channels.)

4.  Use social media to spread the message by uploading to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #1andonlypledge.

CHALLENGE your colleagues to join in, and create a community of safe practice!

NC DPH Healthcare-Associated Infections Prevention Program has a New Name: SHARPPS Program

SHARPPS: Surveillance of Healthcare-Associated
Infections and Resistant Pathogens Patient Safety program is the new
name chosen by the NC HAI team to better reflect their broader scope of
work. This dedicated team of professionals continues to provide
education, training, guidance and outbreak investigation for an ever
expanding range of issues which may be present in the healthcare

Drug Diversion

Drug diversion is the act of illegally obtaining prescription medications by a healthcare worker for his or her own use. This can result in several kinds of patient harm, including: 



  • Substandard care delivered by a healthcare provider,
  • Denial of essential pain medication or therapy, or
  • Risk of infection (e.g., Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or bacterial pathogens) if a provider tampers with injectable drugs.

Read the North Carolina Memo to Local Health Departments.

NC DPH Healthcare-Associated Infections Prevention Program has an Injection Safety Webpage

NC providers and patients can learn about safe injection practices right on the NC DPH website! Key messages about safe injection practices are provided, along with links to the One & Only Campaign and CDC injection safety and safe diabetes care websites.

Click here to visit the page.

State Injection Safety Resources

Diabetes and Viral Hepatitis: Important Information on Safe Diabetes Care

Click here to view and download the new NC DPH publication "Diabetes and Viral Hepatitis: Important Information on Safe Diabetes Care."


Infection Control Report Blog

Information from NC SPICE and NC DPH about healthcare-associated infections, including injection safety, can be found at the Infection Control Report Blog.


New CDC Guidelines on Injection Safety within Dental Settings

Injection safety applies to various health settings, including dental care. The CDC recently provided recommendations to prevent infection and uphold injection safety within dental settings. It includes:

  • Infection prevention program administrative measures,
  • Infection prevention education and training,
  • Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette,
  • Updated safe injection practices, and
  • Administrative measures for instrument processing.

The guidelines can be accessed at


Stay Informed on Safe Injection Practice News and Events

The goal of the North Carolina One & Only Campaign is to attract individuals who want to
make a difference through injection safety. The campaign encourages healthcare
organizations and individuals to promote public awareness of safe
injection practices. Join the NC One & Only Campaign by emailing Kristin Pridgen at kristin.pridgen[at][dot]gov, and share free One & Only Campaign training materials with your health facility.


2012 NC Communicable Disease Conference Poster

Click here to see the 2012 Communicable Disease Conference poster from the NC One & Only Campaign.