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NEW! Learning Podcast: Injection Safety for Nursing School Students

Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing

The New York One & Only Campaign has launched the new "Learning Podcast: Injection Safety for Nursing Students". This podcast was prompted by a nursing school administrator who asked if one of our presentations could be turned into a podcast that her students could be required to listen to as part of their standard curriculum. The podcast includes information about injection safety and basic infection control, and case studies outlining the risks posed to patient safety when providers fail to follow safe injection practices to the letter. Please use this podcast link in your nursing classes and supplement the learning by encouraging students to sign the One & Only Pledge for patient safety.

Nurse Practitioners in Central NY Take the NY One & Only Pledge!

Olga Dolly, MS, FNP-C, SNT, Takes the NY One & Only Pledge

At the annual "Teaching Day" for Nurse Practitioners (Section 3, Nurse Practitioners Association) in Syracuse, NY on May 19, in East Syracuse, NY, Olga Dolly, MS, FNP-C, SNT, takes time out to show her dedication to injection safety!. She signed the NY One & Only Campaign Pledge to uphold injection safety protocol each and every time she gives an injection. Dolly is the Medical Director of School Health Services for the Indian River Central School District and has been a staunch supporter of injection safety and a longtime member of the NY One & Only Campaign. Dolly sets an example for other nurse practitioners and staff. Why don't you download our pledge and display it in your facility/office today? Details are in the story just beneath this one!

Take the One & Only Injection Safety Pledge! Make a Stand for Safe Injections and Safe Patients!

Injection Safety Pledge

Take the NY One & Only Campaign Injection Safety "Provider Pledge" It's easy!

1.  Download and print the pledge, found here.

2.  Take a photo of yourself or a group of healthcare professionals holding/displaying the sign. (Landscape view is best.) It's great if you include your healthcare facility in the photo.

3.  Email the photo to: marybeth.wenger[at]health.ny[dot]gov. It might be featured on the NY One & Only Campaign webpage "Spotlight". (Note: By sending it to us, you give us your permission to use it on our web page or social media channels.)

4.  Use social media to spread the message by uploading to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #1andonlypledge.

CHALLENGE your colleagues to join in, and create a community of safe practice!

Marking National Nurses Week with the NY One & Only Campaign Pledge

Arlene Walch, MSN,RN, Columbia Greene Memorial Hospital, Marks Nurses Week

National Nurses Week was marked by Columbia Greene Memorial Hospital on May 9, with hospital Education Coordinator Arlene Walch, MSN, RN, taking the NY One & Only pledge for injection safety. Walch is taking a stand (and setting a great example!) by vowing that each injection she gives will involve only one new needle and one new syringe for each patient.  Walch plans to use One & Only materials and the pledge for future trainings and "in-services" and National Nurses Week is the perfect time to underscore that staff and colleagues must be diligent about safe injection practices at all times. To download and use the NY One & Only pledge, please see the story directly below this one.

"You're Kidding, Right? Why Isn't Someone Arrested?"

Ernest Clement, MSN, RN, CIC, presenting at NYS APIC Coordinating Council

That was the unusual comment heard at a presentation made by the NY "One & Only" Campaign/New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) at a May 2 training by the New York State Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) Coordinating Council. The comment was made by a novice infection preventionist upon hearing about a landmark 2010 Premier healthcare alliance survey regarding injection practices among clinicians in the U.S, where 6 percent of providers surveyed said they "sometimes/always use single-dose vials for more than one patient". Ernest Clement, MSN, RN, CIC, infection preventionist from NYSDOH, warned providers about the dangers unsafe injection practices pose to patient safety. 51 infection preventionists attended the event and took home One & Only materials for their facilities.

State Injection Safety Resources

Patient Questions 101 (How to Ask a Provider About Injection Safety)

Face it: haven't there been times when you visited the doctor and were in a hurry to get going, only to regret that you didn't ask a crucial question about your health and well-being? The New York One & Only Campaign knows it's tough and sometimes intimidating to ask questions, especially about safe injections. So, we came up with a step-by-step "how to" guide. It even has respectful responses if you don't get the answer you're looking for at first. Click here to find out how to do it!


Diabetes Care Advisory

This advisory has been issued for New York State's Long-term care and Assisted Living facilities.