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New Podcast on Healthcare Provider Diversion/Substitution from NY One & Only Campaign

Kimberly New, JD, BSN, RN

The New York One & Only Campaign is pleased to share a new podcast on healthcare provider drug diversion and substitution, featuring an interview by New York State Department of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, MD, JD, with national expert and consultant on diversion Kimberly New, JD, BSN, RN. New shares her insights on diversion and how it contributes to unsafe injections, how facilities can spot potential diverters, and how they can start anti-diversion programs. She also explores how individual practitioners can keep the workplace and patients safe by vigilance when diversion becomes a concern. A transcript of the podcast may be viewed here.

NY One & Only Campaign Speaks at Adult Immunization Coalition in Rockland County

The New York One & Only Campaign presented to the Rockland County Adult Immunization Coalition meeting at the Rockland County Department of Health on September 2, about the mission of the Campaign and enlisted the help of healthcare providers and county health officials in spreading the word about injection safety. Among the conversations regarding the upcoming flu shot season, was a brief talk about the importance of accessing multi-dose vials of flu vaccine aseptically, even in the midst of a busy clinic. If pre-filled syringes of flu vaccine are not available, here are some key recommendations to ensure that all flu shot injections are given safely .

One & Only Campaign Materials Shared at Several Health Fairs in Nassau County, NY

One & Only Campaign "booster" Sabrina Gardner on left

One & Only Campaign educational materials were "front and center" at two August Fidelis Health events in Nassau County, NY. Sabrina Gardner, Director of the Diabetes Health and Wellness Academy of New York City, poses (on left) with a colleague, holding up the One & Only Campaign insulin pen safety poster. Sabrina reports that she had many great conversations with families about the need to dedicate one insulin pen to one person at all times, even if multiple family members in the home have diabetes. About 120 people attended this particular event. More events are planned through the early fall. Thanks, Sabrina, for your tireless efforts in helping the NY One & Only Campaign get the word out about injection safety and insulin pen safety!

New! July 2015 Injection Safety Newsletter

New! July 2015 Injection Safety Newsletter

The Injection Safety Newsletter is an update of activities and events the New York One & Only Campaign has been involved in, published twice yearly. Please click here to learn more about Campaign activities and the efforts of our New York One & Only Campaign workgroup toward ensuring safe injections in all healthcare settings.

NY One & Only Campaign Visits "Beat the Odds!" Educational Forum on Breast Cancer

"Beat the Odds!" Educational Forum on Breast Cancer

The New York One & Only Campaign was pleased to distribute the One & Only Campaign's new oncology-related flyers at the August 4 educational conference on breast cancer, held by "To Life!", an organization dedicated to the wellbeing of current and former cancer patients. The brand-new flyers entitled " Do You Provide Treatment for Patients With Cancer?" outlines injection safety principles that healthcare providers must adhere to, to ensure the safety of oncology patients. Please review the new materials by following this link.

State Injection Safety Resources

Patient Questions 101 (How to Ask a Provider About Injection Safety)

Face it: haven't there been times when you visited the doctor and were in a hurry to get going, only to regret that you didn't ask a crucial question about your health and well-being? The New York One & Only Campaign knows it's tough and sometimes intimidating to ask questions, especially about safe injections. So, we came up with a step-by-step "how to" guide. It even has respectful responses if you don't get the answer you're looking for at first. Click here to find out how to do it!


Diabetes Care Advisory

This advisory has been issued for New York State's Long-term care and Assisted Living facilities.