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Nebraska Infection Control and Assessment and Promotion Program

Nebraska ICAP is a CDC funded partnership between Nebraska Medicine, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the Nebraska DHHS HAI Program which was formed to improve infection control practices throughout the state. Nebraska ICAP recruits facilities for voluntary review and feedback on their infection control programs.  As of August 2018, Nebraska ICAP has assessed and assisted over 130 facilities. 

Using a variety of assessment tools, the ICAP team assesses the infection control infrastructure and capacity of the facility to prevent health care associated infections. The team also evaluates the capability of a facility to detect, report, and respond to outbreaks. Recommendations for gap mitigation are provided to each facility. The goal is to fortify healthcare facilities against preventable and high risk
infectious diseases. Nebraska ICAP

Great Plains Quality Innovation Network

Preventing and reducing infections is a priority of the Great Plains Quality Innovation Network. Spreading and sustaining evidence-based practices is the core of our quality improvement efforts.

We were recently awarded funding, via CMS, to develop and test interventions to prevent and manage common infections in home health patients; such as respiratory, urinary tract and wounds. Findings will be shared nationally, via the Home Health Quality Improvement Initiative. We are also partnering with nursing homes to reduce Clostridium difficile Infection rates and improve National Healthcare Safety Network reporting.  Additional work that aligns with injection safety includes diabetes self-management education, promotion of immunizations and measures to prevent admissions/readmissions.

Visit our Web site to learn more.

Hospital Improvement Innovation Network

The Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks (HIIN) succeeds the recently concluded Hospital Engagement Networks and will work to reduce overall hospital-acquired conditions by 20 percent and 30-day hospital readmissions by 12 percent. The AHA's Health Research & Educational Trust led the largest HEN project, which marked a concerted effort by more than 1,500 hospitals to improve the quality of patient care. 

The Nebraska Hospital Association has again partnered with AHA’s HRET and 31 other states to form a HIIN.  The majority of Nebraska hospitals have signed a commitment letter. Safe injection practices will be an important intervention in preventing hospital acquired conditions such as blood stream and surgical site infections. The website to review more information is:  Nebraska Hospital Association Quality Initiative website


HONOReform was formed in 2007 as a response to the tragic Nebraska Hepatitis C outbreak, in which 99 cancer patients in Fremont, Nebraska, were infected when healthcare providers reused syringes during chemotherapy treatment. HONOReform continues to work at all levels to save lives by ensuring that fundamental injection safety practices are followed each and every time. The HONOReform mission is shaped by a three-pronged commitment:

  • Safety by Design - engineering controls
  • Safety by Incentives - fast adoption of infection control guidelines
  • Safety by Education/reeducation of healthcare workers - including empowerment of patients to ask questions and report concerns. 

Additional information is available at their website: HONOReform on the programs and services they provide nationally and internationally.

State Injection Safety Resources

Nebraska DHHS Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Program

The HAI team of the Epidemiology Unit of DHHS is tasked with helping to decrease the incidence of HAIs in Nebraska by:

  • Monitoring the occurrence of HAI’s in local hospitals
  • Tracking antibiotic resistance
  • Working with the ICAP Program to assess and promote quality infection control at health
    care facilities
  • Coordinating the state HAI Advisory Committee
  • Developing an HAI Outbreak Detection and Management Program
  • Supporting efforts in Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Managing a website with HAI information for the public and healthcare professionals

Website: Nebraska DHHS HAI Webpage