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60 Second Checklist: Blood Glucose Meters

An underappreciated risk of blood glucose testing is the opportunity for exposure to bloodborne viruses (HBV, HCV, and HIV) through contaminated equipment and supplies if devices used for testing and/or insulin administration are shared. The risk of infection is present in any setting where blood glucose monitoring equipment is shared or those assisting with blood glucose monitoring and/or insulin administration fail to follow basic principles of infection control. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has created a new tool to address blood glucose meter safety. Click here to view the tool.

Preventing Infections in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
(AHRQ) has created a new infographic for ambulatory surgery settings to help
promote safe practices in preventing surgical site infections and other harmful
infections. One of the key recommendations in this infographic is to follow
safe injection practices. This is a great tool/resource to share with
colleagues in outpatient facilities. Click here to download the

Recognizing Drug Diversion in Health Care Facilities

"Signs of Diversion" is a new brochure for any facility where controlled substances are handled. Kimberly New, RN, BSN, JD, of "Diversion Specialists" and national expert on healthcare provider diversion, has put together this brochure which states concerns about diversion/substitution, why facilities should be worried about potential for diversion in their jurisdiction, warning signs in behavior of diverters and why diversion activity should be reported to authorities. Click here to read the brochure.

Colorado Medication Take-Back Program

Get rid of your unused medications!

The Colorado Medication Take-Back Program is a network of secure boxes for collecting unused and unwanted household medications. This program is for unused household medications only. Medication wastes generated by health care facilities are prohibited. 

To find a collection box location, follow the following link:

Take the One & Only Injection Safety Pledge!

Take the One & Only Campaign Injection Safety “Provider Pledge!

Download and print the pledge. Take a photo of yourself or a group of healthcare professionals holding/displaying the sign. Email the photo to: alana.cilwick[at][dot]us. It might be featured on the Colorado One & Only Campaign web page. (Note: By sending to us, you give us permission to use it on our web page or social media channels.) Use social media to spread the message by uploading to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #1and only pledge.